Good afternoon families and families. Today  we engaged in another Science Week activity, where we had a discussion about the ocean and our favourite sea creatures, which then turned to how we could help to look after our oceans – I then asked each child what their ideas were for looking after the ocean. These are the following responses, Kaitlyn, Taylah, Isabella, Parker, Entae, Hamilton and Oliver all said that we need to make sure that people do not put rubbish, glass, plastic or metal in the water so it can’t hurt the ocean creatures. Maddie said she feels that humans need to stop polluting our waterways that lead to the ocean.
Austin, Jordan, Isabelle & Bobby all said that sea animals need to be safe. After this the children painted pictures of the ocean, with their favourite sea creatures and things that could harm them. Other things we enjoyed today were, Lego, our ocean jigsaw, magnetic connectors and a fun outside with  our friends. Enjoy your evening. See you all tomorrow. Love from Miss Lyn & The Schoolies. 😊💖😊