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We have had a wonderful day today! Oskar and Doijan joined Babies 2 for a little while this morning. Playing with Bella-Rose, Parker, Olive, Winston and Olivia! We had so much fun exploring some Jelly play before lunch today. Bella- Rose did not hesitate to get into the Jelly and was tasting it immediately. She really liked it and realised it was yummy and sweet and kept on tasting it. Parker, Olivia, Olive and Winston were a little more hesitant about tasting the jelly and were just touching it with their fingers and feeling the soft, sticky, jiggly texture. Parker and Winston slowly tasted the Jelly and realised it was super yummy, they both smiled and Winston said “mmm” Oskar was so excited to play with the Jelly and put it straight into his mouth (when he could get a hold of the slippery texture). He thought it was so yummy he got so excited smiling and putting more jelly in his mouth. Olive and Olivia eventually had a taste of the jelly but weren’t to interested in eating it, they preferred to play with it. After having so much fun playing in the Jelly we got the children all cleaned up and they had fun exploring the classroom. Bella-Rose noticed the Lego blocks in the floor and began to pick them up and put them away in their proper basket, well done Bella!! Olive liked to pull all the dollies of the dolly bed so she could stand on it and peek over the shelf. She thought she was super clever. Doijan enjoyed playing quietly with the block and cars. He has settled in so well and we can see the strong bonds he is making with his teachers already 🙂

We hope you all have an amazing afternoon!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn, Miss Jess, and Miss Shannan