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What an awesome start to 2020!!

Miss Tania & Miss Amanda welcomed our first day back of 2020 with our friends Miller, Edward, Scarlett, Bentley & Jesse..

We were admiring the changes that have happened since we last saw the bubs!! Bentley is walking now & with ease! Edward is standing up for long periods using his feet to move around getting a lot stronger, Miller is just wanting to chat and play with absoloutely everyone, Scarlett is loving play time, interacting with all her friends & Jesse is exploring absolutely everything – all the babies wanting to move more whether it’s the crawling , standing or walking!!
Lots of strength & determination being displayed which is what we love to see..
Happy, healthy little humans..
All the bubs have had a great day reconnecting and interacting with each other..
Scarlett & Miller were busy reading books, Jesse & Edward rolling the ball backwards and forwards and sideway! The bubbles were fun to catch today! Bentley walking around the room in confidence..
Home corner was fun making noise with the pots and pans, all having something to say !!
We have spent the morning inside as its just been too hot to go outside – hopefully we will et a chance this afternoon!!

Thank you for an amazing start to our year!
We look forward to another beautiful year with so many changes amongst you already!

Lots Of Love Miss Tania & Miss Amanda