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Happy Friday one and all from Babies 1 and Babies too with Miss Kate and Miss Tania! 😊
We welcomed a full house of beautiful little friends today, including – Alexia, Abel, Willow, Jackson, Finley, Edward, Isabella and Jesse! 😊 This morning the dolls in our new play cot, and kitchen area seemed to be the most busiest play space to explore, especially alongside, Willow, Alexia and Jackson. Finley loved the big green ball, with big smiles! 😊 Our learning environment also included fun with Miss Tania blowing BUBBLES to us today which we all really love watching and trying to catch and POP them! 😊 Spontaneous singing, music and dancing continues to be so much fun and we learn through being in a supportive environment for the children to reach their developmental milestones! Lastly the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH is an ongoing goal and focus in our room to all routines and transitions! We focus our language as a priority and assist the children to be effective communicators, which falls under learning outcome 5 of the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK! 😊 Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your child’s learning and development as we take regular observations and make plans for each cherub to hit their developmental milestones which is age and stage appropriate for the individual child! 😊
Next week we will be celebrating β€˜Children’s Week’ which celebrates the many rights of the child set by the UN Convention! Look out for a new display coming soon to link to this! 😊
Thanks Babies 1 and Babies 2 – Miss Kate and Miss Tania xx