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Good day everyone and welcome to Babies 1 and the new Babies 2 room combined alongside Miss Kate and Miss Nikki today! We enjoyed just the 6 precious children today and a very special warm welcome especially goes to our new friend Finley and family! 😊 Our other friends included – Abel, Millie, Edward, Alexia and Orion. It continues to be a focus in our room to embed the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH into our daily routines and interactions with our children, whereby they are all responding really well with language being the priority. 😊 Our Ball Pool inside proved to be popular alongside Edward, Alexia, Orion and Abel. Millie made friends with our beautiful new little boy, Finley who showed that he was a confident and involved learner exploring his new environment. The children spontaneously chose books to look at with Miss Kate and Miss Nikki which is great to extend not only language skills but is also useful for concentration spans too. 😊
Please keep us up to date with your child’s needs and development if anything changes as we aim to operate like a home away from home for consistency of care for your little ones. 😊
Thanks for a lovely start to the week Babies 1 and Babies 2 – Miss Kate and Miss Nikki xx