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Welcome to another fun filled week ahead in the Babies 1 Room! Today we combined with the Babies 2 children as the numbers were lower and we had to borrow Miss Jess to the bottom building for the day! Miss Kate and Miss Nikki welcomed 8 little cherubs including – Abel, Finley, Orion, Millie, Alexia, Oliver, Edward and Lara. This morning we were excited to see Miss Gabi from Fauna Friends Yoga to practice some poses, play with bubbles, the feathers and the caterpillar. Orion, Millie, Alexia and Oliver all had big smiles as they participated in this weekly incursion! 😊
Abel, Finley and Lara had fun exploring the home area with the dolls as we practice being confident and involved learners. 😊 Edward and the others responded well to Disney music being played in our room today! 😊 We ensure that we set or learning environments to be meaningful and age/stage appropriate every day, so please give us any ideas and we will take them on board! 😊
It was nice for the Babies 1 and Babies 2 children to mix today, and it was observed that a very cute little friendship between Abel and Finley was happening! 😊 Vygotsky stated the importance of language for early communication which ties into us practising the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH on daily basis with language a priority. 😊
Lastly we are beginning our Christmas Craft this week in Babies 1 so please wear older clothes for painting and creative activities. Many thanks. 😊
Thanks for a nice start to the friends – Miss Kate and Miss Nikki. XX