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Hi to all our wonderful families and friends here in the Babies 1 and Babies 2 room combined with Miss Nikki and Miss Kate! 😊 We welcomed 7 friends today and a special warm welcome to our new friend Indi and family, with others including – Isabella, Abel, Orion, Bentley, Millie, Miller and Alexia. Super proud of Alexia with her visit to Toddlers 2 today in their beautiful new room! 😊
Tuesdays mean YOGA with the beautiful Miss Gabi who we all love and look forward to seeing on a weekly visit, and so important for all little cherubs to know they can belong to many communities in our area. YOGA included poses, bubbles and the fun Mindful Monkey this morning! 😊
The children had fun exploring the Stacking ring toys and puzzles today to practice our concentration spans and hand-eye coordination skills too. We are becoming quite clever little babies with our problem solving and learning through investigating and inquiry. 😊
Spontaneous singing, music and dancing throughout the day keeps us entertained for hours! 😊
Lastly the continued focus on language as a priority through the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH works wonders with us all responding so well to these meaningful interactions and developing us as effective communicators! 😊
Thanks for another fun filled day Babies 1 and Babies 2 – Miss Kate and Miss Nikki. 😊 😊