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Welcome Babies 1 and Babies 2 once again on Wacky Wednesday! 😊 This morning Miss Kate and Miss Nikki combined to welcome 7 friends including a special warm welcome to new friend, Jackson! Alongside him was Indi, Orion, Willow, Millie, Bentley and Edward! Today the fun included –‒ Building relationships with our new friends especially Jackson and Indi are going really well, and we had lots of smiles! 😊
β€’ Edward loves spontaneous music, dancing and singing throughout the day – our little future DJ superstar in the making! 😊
β€’ Our ongoing focus is to embed language as a priority using the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH, which is displayed all over our room walls for your information! Willow, Bentley, Orion and Millie responded really well to some conversational reading this morning. Please don’t forget to add to our BABIES WORD WALL as you hear your child say a recognisable word! We would love your parent input! 😊
β€’ By respecting the child’s independence and agency (their choices) they grow to confident and involved learners by being in a supportive environment. Home area, dolls and the puzzles seemed to be a popular choice this morning amongst our friends! 😊
Please talk to us at anytime regarding your child’s development or anything else for that matter. We aim to work like a home away from home for you all and are always here to listen and support you anytime. 😊

Miss Kate and Miss Nikki xx