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Monday 30th March 2020

Welcome to the beautiful Babies rooms all combined in the Babies 1 today for a wonderful day alongside Miss Kate, Miss T’arn, Miss Hansani and Miss Jelena. 😊 This morning Miss T’arn initiated Easter free finger paintings with our friends on the Chicken pictures to practice our creativity and curiosity feeling the textures of the yellow and pink paints between our fingers. 😊 Steiner believed that children need free creative play to develop their minds, bodies and spirits. Peyton, Millie and Parker self-selected puzzles from the shelves which extends their learning, concentration spans and fine motor skills. 😊 Jackson and Noah had fun exploring their learning environments in the Babies 1 room where they took a liking to the sensory bottles to shake and watch the different colours. 😊 Millie had a little play in the Toddlers Room alongside Miss T’arn for support whereby she did some free drawing at the tables and explored the new environment. All children responded well to a singing time with our favourite action songs and ‘Acknowledgement of Country.’ 😊 We have also had lots of laughs in the room doing a TICK TOCK dance with all educators getting involved and having a laugh! 😊
Thanks for a great start to the week Babies – Miss Kate, Miss T’arn, Miss Hansani and Miss Jelena.