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Friday 12th June 2020.

Happy Friday one and all from Miss Kate in the Babies 1 Room with your beautiful children! 😊 This morning Edward and Peyton started their day combined with our friends for the Babies 3 Room which is great for their socialisation skills and also a great way for them to bond with different educators and become familiar with other rooms. Usually at the beginning and end of the day we do β€˜mixed grouping’ before all children and staff arrive or leave! 😊

After a yummy morning tea including raison bread, homemade fruit spread, banana puree with yoghurt we set about to explore our play environments that Miss Kate had set up for us! 😊

Peyton, Edward and Miller all really loved exploring the home corner area today which included the play oven, pots, pans and play food for our imaginative play! The children learn to be confident and involved learners as they practice self-help skills and life skills whilst being in a fun and supportive environment to reach their full potentials. 😊

It was such beautiful day outside in the sun today so we made the most of no rain by exploring this area with our friends! Miss Kate set up the tent with books for our language to be extended, the big blocks in the sand to extend our gross motor skills, bubbles for fun and coordination, duplo blocks for cognitive development and we all love the rocking dinosaurs! 😊

Edward is becoming a very confident and involved learner selecting the puzzles to practice his coordination and fine motor skills lately! A great learning to capture in an observation to add to his portfolio! Please let us know anytime you would like to view your child’s learning portfolio and we will be doing midyear parent teacher interviews next month! 😊

Miller was happy to play outside but needed extra cuddles and love today from Miss Kate, which we of course are happy to give her! 😊

Thanks for a great day and week again Babies 1 – have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing you all next week! πŸ™‚

Miss Kate XX