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FRIDAY 17th JULY 2020 – Babies 1.

Happy Friday Babies 1 families and friends!  Thank you for another fun filled week full of learning and reaching our developmental milestones whilst having lots of fun!  😊

Today we celebrated PYJAMA DAY as a whole centre to show our support to foster families and children!  It was great to see all the children and educators contributions wearing their pyjamas and kindly donating a gold coin!  The children learn to respect and be connected to their worlds when we acknowledge certain days like this, so thank you for your support! 😊

We worked on a couple of children’s goals for an extension of learning today including Daris playing independently which he has already achieved as he feels safe and secure in his new play environment to explore toys that takes his interest.  😊

Our new castle set wooden blocks toy was explored by Miller today as she practices her fine motor skills to build with the coloured and pictured blocks.  😊

Outside play is always a favourite time of the day whereby the children practice their physical gross motor development.  Today we explored –

  • Ride on toys.
  • Duplo blocks.
  • Dolls and books.
  • Sandpit with trucks.

Spontaneous singing and conversational reading opportunities happen throughout the day here in the Babies 1 Room to increase our language development and how to care for books, which all the children responded well too. 😊

Thanks for a lovely day – Miss Kate  ♥  ♥