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Happy Friday lovely families and welcome to our day in the babies 1 room.
This morning Miss Jess was welcomed by a small group of friends who were Quinn, Luca and Orion. We had a small group but had lots of fun!!!!

This morning we did some conversational reading with our new book about feelings and it had the facial expressions of each feeling, Luca and Quinn were intrigued by this book.
We did spontaneous nursery rhyme singing throughout the day, Luca, Orion and Quinn love when we sing nursery rhymes especially when we are sitting at the table together at mealtime.

We are very lucky as Miss Nadine bought us some new toys yesterday and we got to try them out today!!! Luca, Quinn, and Orion were amazed with what new toys they got!!! They loved the tiny textured balls, the wooden cars and the wooden stackable towers and we couldn’t forget the awesome light up balls!! So many other new toys were played with as well but that were some of Quinn’s, Lucas and Orion’s favorite ones today.
Orion and Quinn had a musical jam together this morning, making such awesome sounds!!

We had a great day and we hope you all did too.

Thank you babies 1 – see you all next week 😊

Have a lovely weekend x
Love Miss Jess xx