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Happy Friday one and all from the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and Miss Tania. It feels like the weeks are speeding by and our children are coming on and leaps and bounds with their developments. 😊 Today we welcomed just the 5 friends including Rosie, Peyton, Alfie, Edward and Bella. 😊 Our morning tea consisted of fruit salad, raison bread and some yoghurt to give us energy for the day ahead. 😊 Miss Kate initiated one-to-one time with Rosie this morning with the learning game, ‘Find a picture’ which is a part of the ABECEDARAIN APPROACH to encourage language whilst being in a fun and supportive environment. Please ask Miss Kate if you would like any tips or guidance on the ABECEDARAIN APPROACH, which is an evidence-based program to extend children’s learning from birth. 😊 Alfie and Peyton checked out the drums this morning which was an extension of Alfie’s interest in them. Lots of smiles and excitement from Bella and Edward taking it in turns to practice their pre-walking skills with the trolleys. 😊
Keep the FAMILY TREE photos coming! We are nearing completion of this display! Many thanks. 😊
Have a great weekend everyone – Miss Kate and Miss Tania. XOXO