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Friday 22nd May 2020 – Babies 1.

Hello from Miss Kate and your wonderful children in the Babies 1 Room today on this HAPPY FRIDAY! This morning the children began the day outside mixed with the other cherubs from Babies 2 and Babies 3 room as Miss Kate had a later start. We headed inside for some yummy morning tea consisting of fresh fruit jelly and a nice cold water followed by our bottles and first sleeps of the day! The children respond well to being a regular and consistent routine so they feel safe and secure in their environment. They particularly enjoyed toasted sandwiches and salad buffet for lunch too today!

This morning we talked about NATIONAL FAMILIES WEEK with all the children and extended on our learning from Scarlett and Edward’s contributions about going to the park!

We love our new low easel in the room which is so handy at our level allowing us to use our creativity and imagination skills to use the coloured chalks to draw with – Scarlett, Miller and Peyton really responded well to this. Steiner believed children need free creative play to develop their minds, bodies and spirits.

Miller and Peyton self-selected the basket of assorted rattles from the shelf today to explore each one that took their fancy. We ensure that we respect the child’s choices throughout the day so they feel content in their play environment and learning spaces.

Scarlett has recently taken a real liking to looking at books with Miss Kate which is great learning for her language development – feel free to let us know any recognisable words your little one has said and we will add it to our word wall.

Edward shows a lot curiosity exploring and learning through play as he checks out the sensory box with pipe cleaners.  He is also increasing her cognitive and fine motor skills wityh the ring satcking toy in our room.  Well done Eddie!

Throughout the day in our Babies 1 Room we listen to a range of music and also so much spontaneous singing is enjoyed by all too. Feel free to ask us what some of favourite songs are and the words as we are happy to share with you!

Thanks for a great end to the week Babies 1.

Enjoy your weekends.  Miss Kate ♥