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Happy Friday one and all with our 5 little friends alongside our educators – Miss Kate and Miss Jess! 😊 We trust you all had a lovely day and here is just a little update on what we got up to today! 😊
What a wonderful start to the day whilst Willow was able to explore our brand new outdoor area along with some toddler friends, whilst the rest of us had a little morning snooze! 😊 The sandpit definitely seems to be a favourite outside which we practice our hand-eye coordination skills and cause and effect with the buckets, spades and sieves! 😊
As always we embed the 3a ABECEDARIAN APPROACH into our interactions with all children to encourage language as a priority with learning! Be sure to check out your individual child’s learning portfolio to see observations linked to this approach! 😊 Edward and Bella responded really well to enriched caregiving during routines and transitions!
Jesse and Abel had so much fun with lots of smiles whilst being confident and involved learners in the home area today! The play kitchen, pots, pans and dolls were really enjoyed! 😊
Miss Kate initiated started to play some Christmas music this morning which all children responded well too with lots of smiles and even a little boogie to the tunes! 😊
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with your loved ones! See you all next week!
Miss Kate and Miss Jess. 😊 😊