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Happy Friday everyone!!

We have had an AMAZING day in our Babies One room today.

This morning the children had the opportunity to join up with all our friends in the Babies and Toddler rooms to commence the ANZAC celebrations for our up coming remembrance of our Australian New Zealand Army Corp ANZACs. Joining together to celebrate by Miss Emma reading a wonderful book about an ANZAC teddy. Then discussing what ANZAC means to forward on to the reading of the ode to the soldiers that fought so bravely and strongly to allow us to live the way we do now. And to end our little service we all paused for a minute of silence and reflection. The babies did such a wonderful job and had an amazing time socialising with their older peers and siblings. LEST WE Forget!

Our bubs did so good with keeping their hats on today! We are so proud of them, they sat so beautifully, kept their hats on and really listened as Miss Emma read the story about ANZAC Ted.

Indiana was very chatty to the bigger friends that were outside the gate, shouting and laughing at the toddlers as they pass her toys from their yard, throwing the balls to educators and clapping as they roll it back to repeat this process.

Inside Shayaan really enjoyed building blocks and reading books whilst Indiana and Jordan were happy exploring the classroom and looking at all the different toys. Bentley was very talkative laying on the mat having a big conversation to himself and laughing when Miss T’arn or Miss Shae joined in his conversation.

Thank you for a great week!

We hope you all have an amazing long weekend!!

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Shae ♥