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Happy Friday to all, we hope you have all had a wonderful day just like us 😊

Today we were joined by Quinn, Luca and Abel.
Luca and Quinn enjoyed playing with the balls, watching Miss Jess throw them in the air to then watch how they bounce on the floor and light up. Luca loves the little cars too! Abel was happily playing with the colorful wooden rings and listing to nursery rhymes throughout the day. Quinn has been showing off how well she is getting at pulling herself up and using the trolley walkers!!! Go Quinn, so happy to see how confident and strong she is getting. Our new soft animal Alpaca is becoming a favorite by our friends too!!!
We have had a wonderful day with lots of songs sang by Miss Jess as well as many books read to us throughout the day.

Thank you for the lovely day Babies 1.

See you all next weekend! Have a lovely weekend x
Love Miss Jess and Miss Lyn xx