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Welcome all to our Funday Fridayyyy!!! Whoohoo 😊
Today we had a small but fun group of 5 little friends 😊 Quinn, Alexia, Abel, Edward and Willow. Miss Thais joined us today to step in for Miss Kate as she is having a long weekend and will be back Monday 😊
We started the morning off by spontaneous play, Abel enjoyed getting around on the floor exploring the different toys throughout the room, he especially liked the colorful stacking rings, Alexia too enjoyed the stacking rings and giving big smiles to Miss Jess and Miss Thais. Quinn enjoyed playing in the café area alongside her friend Willow, they both also explored the book nook area. After the interest of Quinn and Willow with the books all our friends enjoyed Storytime with Miss Jess and Miss Thais. There was lots of bubble blowing fun! Our friends enjoyed the bubbles and loved watching them blow by before they popped! Alexia thoroughly enjoyed this! Edward practiced his tummy time this morning and playing with the small textured balls. Lots of nursery rhymes were sung and played throughout the day 😊 we have had a lovely Friday and we hope you did too.
Thankyou Babies 1 for the awesome day, see you all soon,Love Miss Jess and Miss Thais xxx