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Friday 29th May 2020 – Babies 1.

Happy Friday from the beautiful children in the Babies 1 Room and thanks for another wonderful week. ♥

Miss Kate continued to acknowledge RECONCILIATION WEEK with our little ones today and we added some dot paintings to our floor book for us to look back on some of our reflections and intentional teaching moments here! The children responded well to being creative and curious as they used the cotton buds to paint with practicing fine motor skills too. Miller was eager to participate this morning with Miss Kate’s guidance.

We have also been extending our learning coming from NATIONAL FAMILIES WEEK which linked to our physical environment to play outside today as both Edward and Scarlett contributed that they like going to park and playing in their gardens at home! Thank you for sharing, we really value your feedback and ties in so perfectly to working as a home away from home.

Scarlett is showing the beginnings of purposeful play wit our dolls lately as she extends her imagination and confidence whilst being in a supportive environment.

Peyton is gaining in so much strength in readiness for her pre-walking skills and gave big smiles in the stand-up baby gym. She is developing at the age and stage level for her physical milestone in conjunction with the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES.

Outside play included the sand which we all love! We also explored our rocking dinosaurs, rattles and musical toys, big soft climbing blocks and the tent with some books.

Wishing you all a great weekend and I will see you next week.
Thanks – Miss Kate ♥