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Welcome to our Friday fun day in the Babies room 1 😊
We had two little munchkins today with Miss Jess who were Quinn and Abel. That didn’t stop us having so much fun!!
This morning Quinn made her way straight for the book nook area and grabbed down the “Fish Finds a Home” book. Quinn was very intrigued with the colorful pictures and was pointing at the big yellow and orange fish. This then sparked an idea for craft today. To extend on Quinn’s interest Miss Jess decided to print out fish templates that Quinn and Abel can decorate with orange, yellow and white paint. Before doing the art activity, Miss Jess read the book to both of our friends and soon after we got stuck into art. Abel loved this as he explored the cold and smooth feeling of the paint and he couldn’t finish his painting without having a taste of course 😉 Quinn couldn’t wait to get stuck into this as she was so keen to get her hands dirty. Quinn loved using the different colored paints and the sponge paintbrushes, she was really well engaged and she too couldn’t resist the taste of paint haha.
After our art experience Quinn and Abel were happily freely playing. Quinn really enjoyed the café today, making some scrumptious food for Miss Jess, while Abel was happily playing away with the balls, he also enjoyed the toys hanging from the wooden frame. Quinn is getting more confident each day with her walking as she uses the trolleys as help! Go Quinn!!! Soon enough you will be walking around without any help.

For the afternoon we headed outside in the warm sun before it got too cold. We enjoyed getting around on the ground exploring the outdoor equipment and toys.
We had a great day and we hope you did too
Thank you Babies 1 for the day – see you all next week
Have a lovely weekend
Love Miss Jess xx