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Friday 3rd January 2020..


Good Afternoon Mum’s and Dad’s!!


We had our beautiful friends in today Edward, Alfie, Scarlett & Ruby..

Today we had the pleasure to meet our new friend Alfie! Alfie is a warm and friendly bub who enjoys giggles..

We saw our friend Ruby for the first time this year! Ruby has grown lots over Christmas! Ruby was full of smiles for her friends..

Miss Amanda helped our friends with some funky dance moves!

We did stay in the aircon today as it was a bit hot to venture outside!

We played music throughout the day – Wheels On The Bus was a favourite with our little friends!

Miss Tania read the book on Colours – we had great listening skills!

Great way to end the week with our little friends together ready for the weekend and happy to take on 2020 with a growing, strong, healthy attitude !!


Thank you for a fabulous start to the year!!


See you all next week!


Lots of Love Miss Tania & Miss Amanda xx