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Hello and welcome to Friday again already in the Babies 1 room! Today we had just a small group of five friends to keep us entertained including – Edward, Quinn, Abel, Willow and Orion. Miss Thais welcomed Willow just before Miss Kate arrived, following soon after Quinn, Edward, Orion and Abel. Miss Jess read to us this morning with some of new books which the children have been responding too really well, especially Willow and Quinn today. Rogoff believed that adults have a role in guiding children’s learning and that language is important for their learning and development too. Orion and Abel had lots of smiles exploring the light up and textured balls inside, whilst Edward gave us big smiles to our spontaneous singing throughout the day.
Thank you for a lovely day Babies 1 – have a great weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you all next week. Miss Kate and Miss Jess. 😊 😊