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Happy Friday to all our amazing families! Today we only had two cheeky monkeys, Edward and Daris. To start off our rainy Friday, Edward and Daris combined for a short period with babies two, and babies three, which they thoroughly enjoyed getting to interact with their older friends, and playing with the different variety of toys. We made our way back to our room, where Daris was immediately drawn to the home corner, playing with the kitchen set using his imagination to make all kinds of food for miss Lilly 😊 While Edward was drawn to the vast variety of soccer balls, which he loves to kick around the room. We then came together on the mat to enjoy some reading time, and sing nursey rhymes with the wiggles, which Edward and Daris thought it was the best thing ever!  As we all know its jeans for Genes day today, so thankyou for brining your babies in jeans today! We are lucky enough to have a spare pair of jeans for Edward and Daris to let their imagination run wild, using all sorts of craft supplies on the jeans, they just had the best time doing so! Due to the rainy weather we had inside play, but that did not stop the fun from happening! Daris and Edward took advantage of the rainy weather and had a fantastic inside Friday with miss Lilly 😊