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Happy Friday to all 😊 welcome to our fan-fairy-tastic day in the Babies 1 room 😊
This morning we had so much fun and lots to do with two, here is what we did today 😊
Abel was very intrigued by the big star ball as he was desperately trying to fit the ball into his mouth and hands (too cute) haha. He also found the fish hanging from the roof very amusing as they would move when the breeze would hit. When Quinn arrived Abel and Miss Jess were over at the book nook and Quinn was very pleased with that as lately Quinn has been very interested in the books. Quinn went over to the box with the books in it and grabbed out the book called “Bedtime Stories For The Very Young” Miss Jess then read this to Quinn and Abel. They both enjoyed this book among many others they liked this morning.
Miss Jess got the animal puzzle from the shelf as she remembered one of the books this morning that Quinn and Abel were looking at were baby animals. Miss Jess sat down with Quinn and Abel, as Miss Jess pulled the animal pieces out, she was making the sound that they make along with saying what animal it was. Quinn and Abel thought this was funny as they laughed when the noises were made haha, however they both were very engaged!! 😊
Art for our fan-fairy-tastic Friday was continuing with our little aquarium that Miss Jess is creating with the help of our friend’s artistic creativity. Miss Jess outlined Quinn’s and Abel’s hands to make little hand fish to hang up alongside our other fish. We used pink and yellow glitter paint to decorate our little fishes. Abel and Quinn enjoyed this art activity, using cool paintbrushes as well as creating/decorating their own fish!! They had lots of fun 😊
This afternoon Miss Jess did music with our friends from singing songs to shaking the maracas Quinn and Abel were loving this as Quinn was banging away making cool noises and Abel happily rattling the rattle. We have had a lovely day today and we hope you all have too!
Thank You Babies 1 for the awesome day 😊
Have a wonderful weekend!
See you all next week
Love Miss Jess xx