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Hello Babies 1 families and friends on this rainy day! 😊 We welcomed just the four little people today as some of us have been transitioning to the Babies 3 Room next door to us. Miss Kate and Miss Tania welcomed Edward, Oliver, Rosie and Jesse to share the day with. 😊 This morning Oliver and Edward both showed off their strength and coordination skills to be able to pull themselves up to a standing position and being able to cruise confidently around the furniture. 😉 All children happily participated in craft work to add to our FLLOR BOOKS which shows their curiosity and creative skills as they are supported by their educators. Jesse participated in collage work on a fan to finalise art for CHINESE NEW YEAR. 😊 Rosie and Oliver explored the musical instruments by learning through play. Miss Kate initiated our ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ this morning to practice hand actions with our Babies to show respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people which all children responded well too. See our wall display for the words! 😊 We are starting a new FAMILY TREE too for our room so please bring in a photo to add to our display.
Many thanks for a good day – Miss Kate and Miss Tania. XOXO