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Monday 11th May, 2020 – Babies 1. ♥
Welcome one and all to Monday here in the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and we trust you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families celebrating the amazing job all our Mummy’s do. This morning we were very excited to welcome back Olive here and we have seen her development grow so much in her absence! Our other friends greeted each other with big smiles and excitement as they set about their days self-selecting learning environments and toys of interest. We have been focusing on QUALITY AREA 3 of the NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS – Physical environments and we ensure our areas are set to be meaningful and stimulating for our little ones on a daily basis. Please feel free to share any ideas you would like to see in the Babies 1 Room as we value your feedback anytime – many thanks. Edward responded well to some one-to-one time with Miss Kate today using the conversational reading technique to encourage his language development which he is trying so hard to talk! This is also a documented observation is his learning portfolio so we aim to use every interaction as an opportunity to extend your child’s learning whilst being in a supportive environment. Parker and Peyton showed excitement and happiness with big smiles as they self-selected the animal puppets this morning and smiled as Miss Kate extended this learning by making the appropriate animal sounds. Outside play as much as possible today to enjoy this beautiful cooler weather and keep us healthy which Edward thought the rocking dinosaurs were fun and our bubbles are always a hit watching them float by in the breeze. Intentional teaching and by definition, to be intentional means to act purposefully with a goal in mind and to have a plan for accomplishing it. Intentional teaching means that teachers act with specific goals in mind for the children in their care and set up the environment accordingly. Intentional teachers have a vast understanding of child development.
Thanks for a great start to the week Babies 1 – it is Miss Kate’s day off tomorrow so the lovely Miss Jess will be here to care for your little ones!
See you soon, Miss Kate ♥