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Hello from the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and Miss Steph stepping in for Miss Jess today! 😊 It is NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK this week and here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre we will be participating in MESSY PLAY planned for everyday this week so remember to pack extra clothes! The children share humour, happiness and satisfaction by being exposed to the green playdough today which was so much fun. All of our 5 friends participated in playdough who included, Quinn, Alanis, Abel, Orion and Millie today. 😊
β€˜BUBBLES’ were enjoyed being popped by Orion, Millie and Quinn especially this morning. 😊
A big thank you to Miss Shelby (Bentley’s Mummy) for donating some new rattles to us and a dolly too to add to our toys that the children learn through PLAY and by being confident and involved learners! 😊
Miss Steph took our friends outside for a play to explore the obstacle course, rattles and books this morning! 😊 Abel, Quinn and Millie checked out the dolls which has been very cute to watch. The children are learning to explore ideas and theories using imagination, creativity and play. 😊
Thank you for a lovely day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Steph. 😊 😊