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Welcome to Monday in the Babies 1 room with 7 little friends to join us alongside Miss Kate and Miss Thais today, as Miss Jess has couple of days off. We are familiar with Miss Thais as she is from the Toddlers 2 room just next door so it is a good chance for us to get to know her a bit more before we go up there when we are older! We ensure the children develop a strong sense of identity by feeling safe, secure and supported throughout the day to reach their full potential and develop resilience, independence and a sense of agency. This morning Edward had lots of tummy time practice which he is gaining so much strength on the boomerang cushions, he also explored the rattle and musical toys alongside Abel and Quinn. Alanis, Orion and Luca looked at some books with Miss Kate’s encouragement to guide our learning and increase language development. The home area, with play kitchen, pots and pans and our dolls were very popular this morning with Millie, Abel, Quinn, Alanis, Luca and Orion.
Thank you for a wonderful day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Thais 😊 😊