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Welcome to another fun filled week in the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. 😊 This morning we welcomed 7 friends and an extra special warm welcome to our new little ones – Ava and Olive. 😊 Edward, Jesse, Peyton, Rosie and Oliver are our other friends for the day. 😊 Ava explored her new surroundings confidently and took a liking to outside play checking out the lawn mower toy to push around. Whilst little Olive happily smiled looking at the baby gym toys in our bouncy chair. 😊 Learning Outcome 1 of the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK is about β€˜Children having a strong sense of identity’ and feeling safe, secure and protected. Miss Kate initiated action songs with our friends this morning, so they feel settled and relaxed in their new environments. 😊 Edward, Jesse and Oliver responded especially well to watching and trying to imitate some simple actions. Miss Amanda took some of our friends outside for a play first thing this morning including Ava, Edward and Rosie. The push along mower, wagons and police car were very popular. Oliver, Peyton and Rosie looked at some books with Miss Kate. They also self-selected the different textured balls to explore and are gaining in confidence daily. 😊
Thanks to all our families that have already bought a family photo in to add to our FAMILY TREE. You can either give them to us or email them through to centre for us to print here.
Looking forward to the week ahead – Miss Kate and Miss Amanda . XOXO