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Welcome to Monday and another fun filled week ahead in the Babies 1 Room alongside Miss Kate and Miss Jess. Today we had a small group of 5 little friends including – Orion, Millie, Edward, Oliver and Abel! 😊
We have been busy trying to get our CHRISTMAS CRAFT underway before the silly season hits us in full force to try to be organised! Oh my goodness, well done everyone for contributing to our rooms Christmas Raffle Hamper and please don’t forget to bring back your $5 and raffle tickets to go in the chance to win all the goodies! Make sure you check it out! 😊 The children practice not only being confident and involved learners, but they also learn through creativity, curiosity and hand-eye coordination making their decorations and some other goodies for you that we hope you love! 😊
Abel, Orion and Edward responded really well to 3a being embedded through, ‘ENRICHED CAREGIVING’ and one-to-one ‘CONVERSATIONAL READING’ on regular basis throughout our day today! Vygotsky believed that language and communication is important for children’s learning and development. 😊
Oliver and Millie child-initiated playing with our new trainset this morning by the window! We practice our concentration spans checking out toys on a daily basis and love the learning environments Miss Kate and Miss Jess set for us here in the Babies 1 Room. 😊
Lastly lots of spontaneous singing and a variety of music entertains us all which we all respond and smile along too very happily! 😊
Thanks for a great start to the week Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Jess XX.