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Hello families and welcome to our fun day Monday 😊 this morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcomed 5 little friends, Quinn, Abel, Orion, Alexia and Millie. 😊
This morning Miss Kate did one to one conversational reading with a few friends and acknowledging BOOK WEEK. Well done to our little Harry Potter (Abel) and Spot the Dog (Orion) for dress up BOOK WEEK. You still have the rest of the week to participate in BOOK WEEK! 😊 Lots of bubble fun was had by all friends, popping, catching and watching where they float off to. 😊 Our friends also enjoyed the café set up and the dolls to play with, lots of great imaginative play this morning. 😊 The magnetic connect toys have been a pretty big hit so far as our friends are always so intrigued with connecting them, practicing their problem solving and investigating.
Outside play! Quinn, Alexia, Orion and Millie had a joyful play outside this morning. From playing with the musical instruments and exploring sound to the bridge practicing our walking and balancing skills as well as getting amongst the many other toys such as the soft animals and ball pit. 😊
Thank you for a lovely start to the week Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Jess xx