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Monday 23rd March 2020
Welcome to the Babies 1 Room friends on this happy day. The children have been responding really well to our focus on thorough handwashing lately, singing our song and following the steps displayed in our bathroom. The children like observing some of their photos in the bathroom doing the steps including Rosie and Edward. 😊 Rosie and Edward both also responded well to Miss Kate initiating one-to-one conversational reading as part of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH, which is a language enriched program as its so beneficial for our speech. 😊 Parker and Rosie child-initiated exploring the animal puzzles and stacking ring toys this morning to practice their concentration spans and learning by being in a supportive environment. 😊 Miss Gabi took our friends outside for some much loved and needed fresh air today with the BUBBLES being a highlight with Peyton and Rosie in the beautiful breeze. 😊 Little Olive is growing every week and this morning she practiced her grasping skills with the rattles with big smiles for us. The children all respond positively to our morning routine of our ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ and other favourite action songs. 😊 Thank you to all our families that have contributed two developmental goals for your child – please ask if you need a feedback slip for these. We aim to work closely with our families and value your feedback to add to your child’s learning portfolio. 😊
Miss Kate, Miss Amanda and Miss Gabi. XXX