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Welcome Babies 1 families and friends to another fun filled week ahead! We hope you all had wonderful weekends in this beautiful sunshine! 😊 All of our babies are continuing to respond well to the ‘Enriched Caregiving’ strategy with regards to adult-child interactions during routines and transitions. Vygotsky stated the importance of language and learning which also links under Learning Outcome 5, ‘Children are effective communicators.’ 😊 A big thank you to Miss Jess for purchasing some beautiful new toys and soft furnishings for our room. Abel, Alexia, Orion and Millie really LOVED exploring these new toys and developing our learning dispositions such as curiosity, confidence, enthusiasm and imagination. 😊 Edward LOVES our Bumbo chair and also exploring tummy time to help develop his core muscles whilst aby Oliver kicked back in the swinging chair exploring rattles. We all enjoy the spontaneous music to dance and sing along too with todays choice being assorted Disney music. 😊
Thanks for a wonderful start to the week Abel, Orion, Millie, Alexia, Edward and Oliver – Miss Kate and Miss Jess. 😊 😊