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Welcome all to our wonderful Monday in the Babies Room 1 😊
What a lovely start to the morning everyone has had, Miss Kate and Miss Jess gave a welcoming hug and a wave hello to our 4 friends today. Orion, Abel, Luca and Alanis 😊 This morning we decided that after our morning tea we would do some awesome free painting for our art books, Alanis also did her fish paintings along with Orion to finish our display off 😊
After our morning fun of food and art, Orion, Luca, Alanis and Abel all headed outside for morning play!!! Orion was showing Miss Jess and Miss Kate how well he can stand up all by himself on the bridge and carefully holding onto the railings!! Luca enjoyed the cars as well as the dinosaur rocking sea saw with Alanis. Abel explored the cars as well as the books with Miss Jess. Alanis and Luca also explored the cafΓ© outside and they both really enjoyed it.
For the afternoon our friends enjoyed playdough play, Orion and Abel were a little unsure at first but then had a little feel of it. Luca and Alanis loved playdough play!!! Rolling it in their hands and squishing it. It was a definite score that’s for sure 😊
We have had a lovely day and we hope you all did too
Thank you Babies 1
See you all soon
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xx