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Monday 29th June 2020 – Babies 1.

Welcome one and all from the bouncing Babies 1 Room on this fine day!  Miss Kate and Miss Lilly were very excited to see their smiley friends back on this beautiful day and excited to show our friends our new toys!  We have been very busy giving our room a re vamp by changing the furniture around and adding some art displays to our room with your child’s masterpieces!  😊

Please bring in some recycled boxes for us to create a new display such as egg boxes, cereal boxes and yoghurt containers!  Many thanks in advance!  The children learn through being confident and involved learners by demonstrating creativity with a variety of art experiences!  😊

Edward, Oliver, Parker and Charlie explored the new animal puzzle this morning checking out the textures to increase our sensory experiences whilst being in a supportive environment.  😊

Olive and Peyton are gaining in confidence and curiosity as they checked out our new books with Miss Kate this morning – a wonderful encouragement for our love of learning and language skills.  We use the CONVERSATIONAL READING strategy as apart of the ABECEDARIAN APPROACH to increase our vocabulary!  😊

Our home corner area is always a popular learning environment for our children to increase their imaginations as Oliver and Parker explored the pots, pans, play kitchen and dolls.  😊

Edward loves chasing the balls for his physical play development as he learns to coordinate throwing and kicking demonstrating great gross motor skills.  😊

Every day we sing spontaneously throughout the day to encourage our language and social development which all our friends love this by giving us big smiles!  😊

Thanks for a fantastic start to the week Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  XX