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Welcome family and friends to our Monday in the Babies Room 1! 😊
What a fun day we have had!
This morning Miss Kate and Miss Jess welcomed our 7 friends!! Alexia, Abel, Edward, Mille, Orion, Oliver and Alanis from the Toddler room 😊
Our friends enjoy spontaneous singing throughout the day, we had loads of fun with the musical instruments too! Alanis thought the tambourine was a pretty cool headband! 😊 Oliver and Edward smiled away as we had a great musical time.
Abel, Orion, Millie and Alanis all practiced their problem solving with the new ABC puzzle. Meanwhile Oliver was roaming around the room, crawling to explore different toys! Edward played peek-a-boo with Miss Jess behind the baby gym, lots of giggles were shared!
For OCTOBER focus we will be concentrating on ‘LANGUAGE PRIORITY’ as part of 3a – the ABECDARIAN approach which encourages language, learning and connections with all children. Please let us know if you would like to view your child’s individual learning portfolio as we value your feedback to help set goals for your little one to reach their full potential. 😊
Thanks for a wonderful start to the week Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Jess. 😊