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Welcome to our lovely Monday in the Babies room 1

We started the morning off by Luca having lots of fun with Quinn’s Birthday balloons as well as Abel. Orion was happily crawling around the big green mat exploring the toys. While Quinn was having lots of fun playing peek-a-boo with Miss Jess. Quinn really enjoyed this game as she laughed with such happiness and had a huge smile across her face.
Throughout the morning Miss Jess and Miss Kate sang “open shut them” and “twinkle little star” Quinn, Orion, Abel and Luca responded well. After our songs, Luca and Quinn went exploring to the puzzles area with Miss Kate, Quinn and Luca did well with practicing their eye coordination.
Abel explored handprint painting for our multicultural display in the foyer, he enjoyed the texture and coldness of the paint.
For the rest of the afternoon we had lots of fun exploring the toys, singing songs and enjoying the sunny warm rays before the cooler weather came.
Our friends have had a wonderful day today and we hope you all did too.
Thank you Babies 1 for the lovely day
See you all soon
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xx