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Hello to all families and welcome to another fun filled week in the Babies 1 Room. We would like to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to all of our lovely families for attending our OPEN DAY on Saturday! It was so wonderful to see most of our babies there and meet some new faces too! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves! 😊
Today we started off the day by having some one-to-one time with conversational reading with Miss Kate which was very popular with Alexia, Quinn, Orion and Alanis. Vygotsky stated the importance of language in learning for children to excel. 😊 Outside play is really loved by our babies at the moment, especially the obstacle course to practice our gross motor skills. The cars and rattles outside were explored by Orion, Alanis, Quinn, Alexia and Edward. Millie and Abel spent a lot of time in our home area with the dolls, play food, pots and pans. Our little footy star Alanis practiced her ball skills today, which is really cute to watch. 😊
Don’t forget only a few more photos needed please to complete our family tree. Please either print them or email them through if easier. Many thanks. 😊
Thank you for a wonderful start to the week – Miss Kate and Miss Jess 😊 😊