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Monday 6th April 2020

Welcome Babies 1 families and friends to another fun filled week ahead with Miss Kate. 😊 This week we are focusing on finalising our EASTER CRAFT activities to send home for your children – we hope you enjoy your little one’s creations. 😊 Rosie and Edward developed their creativity skills making Easter bunny ears with the guidance of Miss Dom helping them stick the fluffy cotton balls on their hats this morning! 😊 Parker and Peyton responded happily and curiously to exploring the outside area alongside our Babies 3 friends showing big smiles as they checked out the mowers, rattles and big soft blocks. 😊 Rosie was so intrigued by self-selecting a dolly to play with today, so Miss Dom gave her a bowl and spoon to she could role play feeding her β€˜baby!’ – a super special moment to observe her purposeful play. 😊 Peyton and Parker are gaining in strength and physical coordination skills weekly as they show great determination at attempting to pull themselves to stand. 😊
Thank you for a wonderful day Babies 1 – Miss Kate. XxX