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Hello and welcome all from the weekend and into our fabulous Babies 1 Room.  😊 We welcome back Miss Jess! All friends were more than delighted to see her. 😊 Both Miss Kate and Miss Jess received many bright and big smiles as well as some delightful hugs from our 5 wonderful little friends who shared a beautiful day alongside us. These wonderful little ones are Abel, Orion, Edward, Millie and Oliver!
To kickstart our morning Abel, Millie and Oliver had an incredible time doing YOGAAAAA with Miss Gabi!! Abel and Millie especially loved and really enjoyed yoga this morning! The smiles could not be wiped of their faces! 😊 They all practiced the downward dog pose and did a beautiful job 😊 lots of singing, stretching, bubbles and fun was had. 😊
Throughout the day our friends had a lovely adventure around the room, playing with different toys and engaging with their friends and teachers. Forming relationships and exploring their imaginations as they play.
– Oliver enjoyed playing with the musical instruments as well as looking at the animals with Miss Jess.
– Edward had lots of fun rolling around on the floor giggling as well as playing in the home corner and playing with Millie on the triangle toy.
– Orion showed everyone how confident he is becoming at walking and the same with Abel!! All our friends have come such a long way and it’s so beautiful to see them reach their goals 😊
– Millie had fun in the home corner, I have noticed she likes to pull the baby dolls clothes out from the box so she can then sit in it ha-ha too funny! 😊 Millie loves problem solving and really likes to play with the triangle toy where you must fit the correct shape of block into the matching hole.
– Abel enjoyed playing with the balls and the home area with the play kitchen, pots and pans.
Spontaneous Christmas songs were played throughout the day to get right into the Christmas spirit and we finalised some Christmas craft too ready to hand out at our party this coming Thursday! 😊
Thank you for a lovely start to the week Babies 1 friends!
Miss Kate and Miss Jess. 😊 😊