Good morning to our lovely families here in Babies One room!

This morning we ventured straight outside for some fresh air, we all scattered around the yard finding all kinds of amazing toys, and games to play. Playing with the dolls, to the sandpit, bikes, seesaw and much more! Giving the babies the freedom to venture the yard by themselves gives them a sense of independence which is great for their confidence 😊

We then made our way slowly back inside, to sit down on the mat as a group and have some reading time with our books, from counting, colours, shapes, and alphabet. The babies loved listening and learning about all these topics 😊 Whilst we sat down together, we enjoyed a wide variety of nursey rhymes, which put huge smiles on all our babies faces! But in particular we sung β€œIf your happy and you know it” to incorporate β€˜Are You Okay’ into our day 😊

We later enjoyed delicious deconstructed burgers, with a yummy colourful salad to fill our babies tummies in which to fuel the rest of their wonderful cozy day 😊

As the afternoon made its way around, the rain started to shower down so we stayed inside, to stay nice and warm and cozy, we wandered around the room enjoying all our toys on offer. We also enjoyed colouring in and play dough, these activities are a great sensory activity, to stimulate their little minds in the best way possible 😊

Overall, today we have enjoyed a more indoors day due to the rain, but that did not stop any of us from having the most enjoyable day possible! But most important smiles and laughter to carry us through 😊

Love Miss Lilly and Miss Stacey xo