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Good evening one and all from the bouncing Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and Miss Lilly. We had so much on this wonderful Thursday here and we can’t wait to tell you all about what we have been up to. 😊

This morning we began our day by paying our respects to the Aboriginal people singing our ‘ACKNOWLDEGEMENT OF COUNTRY’ song with simple hand actions that our babies are really getting the hang of now which is really great to see. 😊

Our babies couldn’t wait to try some pancakes and fruit salad for morning tea to set us up for the busy day ahead whereby we encourage independence skills and at self – feeding skills whilst being in a supportive environment. 😊

We then set about our daily individual routines as we aim to work like a home away from home so your child feels safe and secure here so please keep us posted with any changes……for example transitioning from 2 sleeps to the 1, or cutting down on bottles. Many thanks in advance. 😊

The children’s learning is extended everyday here and we use ‘scaffolding’ to encourage your child to reach their full potentials. In education, scaffolding refers to a variety of instructional techniques used to move students progressively toward stronger understanding and, ultimately, greater independence in the learning process. The term itself offers the relevant descriptive metaphor: teachers provide successive levels of temporary support that help students reach higher levels of comprehension and skill acquisition that they would not be able to achieve without assistance. Like physical scaffolding, the supportive strategies are incrementally removed when they are no longer needed, and the teacher gradually shifts more responsibility over the learning process to the student. 😊
Edward has been practising his concentration span and increasing his fine motor skills today as a follow up to recent observation which is gaining in so much cognitive learning. 😊

Spontaneous one – to – one opportunities were a wonderful experience for some conversational reading time with Miss Kate today, which is fantastic for our language development. 😊

Today we completed our individual painting for the Elderly peoples homes in the area which we are going to send to them to make someone’s day and build community networks within our local area. The children learn through creativity skills and by being confident and involved learners too. 😊

Thanks for another fun day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Lilly. XOXO