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Thursday 12th March 2020.

Today Miss Kate and Miss Amanda welcomed 4 wonderful friends to the babies one room, Bentley, Edward, Miller and Scarlett. The children responded well to our ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ and other action songs including ‘Row, Row your boat’ was a favourite with Bentley and Miller this morning. 😊
Bentley self-selected his favourite balls to practice his gross motor physical skills such as throwing, rolling and even kicking! He also explored the puzzles alongside Miller today. 😊
Edward has been loving pushing the trolley around practicing his pre-walking skills! So fast….almost running with it! Edward also explored the home corner area this morning alongside Miller with the play kitchen and pots and pans. 😊
Miller excitedly chased the balls alongside her friends today with big smiles on her face! She also was observed spending lots of time in the home corner area with the play kitchen and pots and pans! 😊
Scarlett participated in her flower collage this morning for our AUTUMN display which are up in our room for you to all admire.
Thank you to all families that have completed a developmental milestone slip for you child. We value your feedback and incorporate this into your child’s learning portfolio. 😊
Thanks for a great day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Amanda. XOXO