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Hello from the Babies 1 Room with just the 5 little friends today including – Miller, Jesse, Edward, Peyton and Bentley. 😊 Miss Kate and Miss Amanda welcomed all our friends with big warm cuddles on this extremely wet day today. We also welcomed our new little friend, Ava for a visit this morning who is starting next week. Ava participated confidently and happily exploring her new learning environments and meeting her new little friends. 😊 After our ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ we have also been practising many songs with actions. Bentley, Edward and Jesse all responded well to this and have started to imitate their educators with some simple actions. 😊
Our new friend Ava, Bentley and Miller did some free drawings using crayons on love hearts in recognition of Valentine’s Day tomorrow. They practised their hand-eye coordination, curiosity and creativity skills. 😊 Piaget developed the term concrete learning, whereby he believed children need to see, touch, taste, smell, move and hear things they are learning about. 😊
Jesse and Peyton self-selected the sensory bottles from our shelves to explore, shake and watch the different colours. 😊
Don’t forget to bring in family photo for our FAMILY TREE please. 😊
Many thanks for a great day – Miss Kate and Miss Amanda XOXO