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Good afternoon to our Babies One Families!

Today on this lovely sunny Thursday we commenced our morning in the yard soaked up some much-needed vitamin D and fresh air, as this sets our day on a high note 😊

Peyton, Parker and Daris found themselves in the sandpit to begin, playing with the shovels, buckets, and baby dolls in the sandpit. The babies find great interest in the sandpit due to the texture, in which they find very intriguing. On the other hand we had Oskar, Cleo and Winston playing with the foam blocks and obstacle course in which they loved crawling over the beam and stacking and unstacking the foam blocks, this brought them a great sense of joy, and accomplishment 😊

We later enjoyed a delicious, and wholesome lunch made by our amazing chef David. He mustered up a very yummy fried rice, eggs, and salmon to fill, and fuel our babies busy and adventurous Thursday 😊

As the afternoon made its way around we enjoyed some group time reading books to introduce next week as book week! We read many books, β€˜Brown bear’ being the babies favourite for today. We enjoyed some puppets and nursey rhymes whilst doing group time on the matt, in which is one of the babies favourite things to do as a group, quality time 😊

We later enjoyed continuing with painting our mini colour books in apprehension of book week, the babies loved personally hand painting their books and inside crayon drawing different colours of their colour book. The babies thoroughly enjoyed this activity giving them a sense of accomplishment in creating something so special and done all by themselves, a piece of them 😊

Overall, today in Babies One room, we have had a great Thursday we indoor outdoor play, to group time and sensory. Today has been such a great day for all, with smiles and laughter to carry us through!

Love from Miss Lilly and Miss Octavia xo