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Happy Thursday Babies 1 families and friends with Miss Kate and Miss Steph in our room too today on and off! 😊 What a beautiful day it has been and we have been making the very most of this sunshine by playing outside as much as possible! 😊 Scarlett and Edward had a wonderful time in our sandpit today with the buckets and spades, whilst Parker and Peyton were very intrigued with the bubbles blowing in the breeze. 😊 We have been focusing on the favourite action song ‘Old Mac Donald had a farm’ using some of our new animal hand puppets which we are all responding well too. The children’s love of learning and language enables them to become effective communicators verbally and non-verbally. This fits under LEARNING OUTCOME 5 – ‘Children are Effective Communicators’ of the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK. 😊 Peyton gave us huge smiles this morning as she self-selected to explore the textured small balls this morning. 😊 We are just waiting on a couple more photos to add to our family tree which so close to nearing completion – thank you! Make sure you admire our displays when you can which we also add to your individual child’s artbook on a regular basis which includes your child’s masterpieces of artwork. 😊

See you all tomorrow – Miss Kate XoXo