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Hello and welcome to our Thursday in our Babies room 1 😊
Our morning started off reading books and singing nursery rhymes. Alanis and Bentley gave great big smiles when we were singing our songs while Quinn, Luca Vaughan, Ivy and Millie were engaging with Miss Kate reading a book about bodies and pointing to the head, shoulders, knees and toes, which sparked us to sing “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes’’.
We had a mid-morning paint fest!!!!! Miss Jess laid down two pieces of cardboard, added some paint and fun textured paintbrushes as well as squishy animal sponges. The babies certainly loved this!! Vaughan and Quinn loved the taste as they had to try it a second time. Millie, Luca, Bentley, Alanis and Ivy enjoyed the sponges, we even had a crawl around the paint and felt the texture of paint in our fingers. We had a lovely group session.
For the afternoon we spent it outside, enjoying the wonderful weather as well as the fun shared with our friends.
Thank you babies for the great day xo
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xxx