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Hello family and friends, welcome to our hoppity hop Thursday with only one jump to Fri-yay our pyjama day! Don’t forget to bring a gold coin donation, each room will have a bucket for your donations to go into and then will be all donated to support the pyjama foundation. Thank You kindly in advance to help support this foundation.
Our Day in the Babies room today consisted of the following events-
 Outside play this morning!! Quinn and Millie loved getting down and amongst the toys, climbing the frame bridge and so much more!! Edward was enjoying the relaxation of the cool outside breeze while chilling in the baby bouncer playing with the musical instruments with Scarlett along with Miss Jess. Bentley was fascinated by the cars as he was very keen on the red car playing with it along the floor.

 Scarlett and Edward got their artistic side out today as they explored paint for their Father’s Day gift and Scarlett did a beautiful card for her sisters’ birthday! Super sweet. 😊

 Quinn had lots of fun drawing on the chalk board outside, Millie has been practicing her walking skills by using the help of the chair inside. Quinn shows she is growing in confidence daily…..not long now before we take our first steps!  :)Thank you for a wonderful day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Jess 🙂  🙂