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Welcome to our Thursday in the Babies room 1 😊
This morning we welcome our new friend Scarlett!! She settled lovely today and got many warm welcoming cuddles from her teachers Miss Kate and Miss Jess 😊 Both our new friend Scarlett alongside Edward enjoyed their time in the bouncy chair exploring the music and soft toys hanging down on the baby gym. This morning we had a visit from Renae from ‘Showtime stars’ and the dental show which talked to us about looking after our teeth and hygiene. Sharky Shark the dentist had some of the older children participating as Luca, Alanis and Millie watched the musical fun show.
We then headed back to our room for some lunch and sleeps as needed. In the babies’ room we have a strong focus on relationships and bonds whereby the children build on their sense of identities feeling safe, secure and supported. 😊 This afternoon, Bentley, Scarlett, Millie and Luca painted to add to our art displays in the room – including our Family tree and Under the sea display. The children are confident and involved learners being exposed to a variety of learning dispositions including creativity and imagination. Thank you to all our beautiful families for providing a family picture for our Family tree, and if you haven’t done so yet feel free to give to either Kate or Jess or email it through if easier! Many thanks.
Thank you for a great day Babies 1 – Miss Kate and Miss Jess 😊😊