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Thursday 21st May 2020 – Babies 1. ♥

Here we are again on this happy day in the Babies 1 Room with Miss Kate and Miss Lilly. Today we welcomed 6 little cherubs who continue to thrive and develop whilst being in a positive and supportive room so all children have a strong sense of identity.

Peyton is now the big 1 year old in the blink of eye and her goal was to practice pre-walking skills with the hep of the trolley which she is still working towards with confidence.

This morning we continue to add to our NATIONAL FAMILIES WEEK display so please remember your homework as we will extend on these interests here – many thanks. I have included a photo of Parker’s work for inspiration! This learning experience can be linked to Dewey’s theories. He believes that the education of young children is child-centred, active and interactive. Education should also reflect the child’s interests and backgrounds and that there social and cultural world are important.

In the Babies 1 Room we show respect to the child’s agency which basically means allowing them to choose which toys/activities they would like to explore. Today here are some of popular play spaces we explored –
• Hand puppets – piggy, ducky and froggy! This assists us with our language learning.  Miller and Peyton loved these!
• Weekend interests extended – Parker animal noises!
• Trainset, trains and track! Concentration spans, coordination skills, fine motor and imagination is our learning when exploring this area.  Edward pulled these out first thing this morning in eager anticipation to check out!
• ATSI (Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander) ‘Acknowledgment of Country’ action song as part of our regular morning routine. Great for vocabulary skills and development.
• Sensory box that Miss Shanaya made for us was a wonderful way for us to increase our fine motor skills and exploratory play.

Intentional teaching is one of our practices that fits under the EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK and can be defined as when educators teach in a way that is deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful, actively promoting children’s learning through challenging experiences and interactions. Educators use strategies to extend on children’s problem solving and thinking such as demonstrating, explaining and questioning.

With the wet weather we have been mostly been playing inside as it is getting cooler out there! Remember to pack a jumper for your little one – thank you in advance.

Thanks for a happy day Babies 1 and sharing your beautiful children with us!

Miss Kate and Miss Lilly.     ♥ ♥